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              Moumou log sheet metal processing and founded in 19 years, in May 1999, the formation of the timber group company, is the enterprise, in December 20 according to the integration of the relevant provisions of the reorganization of assets, the enterprise as a whole is incorporated into the Investment Group Co., Ltd.. And in August 27th 2 years to complete the company system transformation, is now the name of a certain log sheet processing. Company headquarters is located in beautiful scenery and convenient traffic, open coastal cities -- Jiang coast, covers an area of more than 20 million square meters, employees more than 1000 people, under the jurisdiction of the genus 11 subsidiary, branch and two large-scale professional market, timber market, timber shoes) is region's largest trade in timber market, timber processing center and high-grade decoration products market. In Shanghai, Fujian, Jiangsu and other places with the company, is a production, foreign trade, three production services in one multi-functional, cross regional, cross industry, cross ownership enterprise groups. In 2001 the company was the municipal government as the "regulatory model, technology, export-oriented" key enterprises. The company out "China 50 largest wood processing enterprises," the credit degree PARKnSHOP enterprises, "the provincial industry largest operation scale industrial enterprises", "wood and wood products industry credit grade AAA enterprise". Company after years of hard work, continuously forge ahead, and actively carry out industrial restructuring and industrial upgrading, and finally formed the main business of imported timber distribution, medium density fiberboard production, non-woven production and the tertiary industry services, in particular, imports of wood, an increasingly large scale, 2007 total sales reached 60 million cubic meters, sales revenue of 1.7 billion yuan, turned over to the State Customs million yuan. At present, it has become the country imported wood big business. 2012 included in the project located in wood group, the project covers a total area of 506 mu, with a total construction area of 1.03 million square meters, which 50 million square metres of residential, 53 million square metres of commercial, a total investment of about 125 billion yuan, then will be built agglomeration and high-end brand market, luxury hotels, high-grade residential, set leisure, entertainment, office as one of the modern city complex, the formation of the western city commercial center. "Outlook", the wood will continue to develop self-confidence, innovation, hard work, enterprising "spirit of enterprise, in the sound and rapid enterprise development process, adhere to the as the driving force to accelerate enterprise restructuring and upgrading to comprehensively implement the scientific development concept, in the new journey will be writing a new brilliant.

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              Address:Room 906, 8th Building Spring Garden, XueYuan Road HaiDian District Beijing China


              • Hemlock spruceHemlock spruce

                Hemlock tree, up to 50 m, diameter at breast height of 1.6m; crown tower, flat limbs, branches drooping; bark dark gray, slit, block off; winter buds ovoid or spherical; 1 year student branches slender, light yellow, light brown or grayish yellow, slot leaf Zhenao has short haired. Leaves linear, flowering in April, in October of that year to mature cones. Since the temperature cool and humid clim...

              • Garzon seriesGarzon series

                The wood is mainly used: concrete forming blank template, frame house floor resting gate and wall components, oblique beam or a timber structure, stall angle material, puzzle, indoor moldings, rabbet panel, bookcase, interior wall, laminates, and packaging materials, manufacture tray, storehouse padding board, packing box.

              • Spruce seriesSpruce series

                Spruce is an endemic species in China, produced in the southwest of Shaanxi Province (Feng), Eastern Gansu Liangdang and Bailongjiang River Basin, a bit shade, the ability of dry and cold environment conditions, growth at an altitude of 2400-3600 m zone, spruce trunks tall and straight, with the passage of, material slightly soft, straight texture, uniform, fine structure, easy processing, with go...

              • Douglas firDouglas fir

                Bark is leopard pattern shape, light red heartwood, sapwood pale yellow and resin, resilient material, stretchy, long storage period, is good building and appliance of timber.


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